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Lou Rossi's wardrobe is a mixture of classic and contemporary pieces. LOUISE TURK takes a peek inside.


Wollongong solicitor Lou Rossi takes an adventurous and fun approach to fashion.


The 43-year-old, who works with Lough Wells Duncan Lawyers, is not afraid to experiment with clothing, regularly breathing fresh air into her wardrobe with the latest trends.


Her style at work is always professional - well-cut suits with fitted shirts and high heels - and her look on the weekend is more casual but still very fashionable.


"My style is to try and look younger and thinner than I actually am," Rossi says with a laugh. "Comfort or fashion - I'd go for fashion every time."


Tsubi jeans (now three seasons old) and this season's smock dresses are among her favourite weekend pieces.


Rossi loves beach wear but don't expect to see her in public wearing tracksuits or grunge.


"I like to be well-groomed," she says. "Even if I'm in casual clothes I still want to look well-groomed.


"Every season I buy a few things that I call disposables, things that are up-to-the-minute and not too expensive so that it's not a waste not to wear them for more than a season," she says.


"But generally my clothing will last me two or three seasons but also I have dresses and suits in my wardrobe that I've had for 10 years."


She prefers neutral and earthy colours and doesn't wear florals or patterns, finding them overwhelming.


Rossi buys many of her clothes and accessories during overseas holidays although she prefers to buy most of her wardrobe from Illawarra retail shops. Her favourite fashion haunts in Wollongong are Frolic, Events, Babes, Myer, David Jones, Sacopelle and Wanted Shoes. She also shops at Sway at Shellharbour and Plume at Thirroul.


The Mangerton mother-of-two is also influenced by the fashion tastes of her teenage daughter Liana.


"Liana and I got a lot of compliments on how we dressed when we went to Italy for a holiday earlier this year. Our fashions were really popular over there and that's really encouraging for Australian designers."

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